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How to reset your Blackberry phone

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How to reset your Blackberry telephone

Step by step

If you want to difficult reset your blackberry phone, full the following
1. You have to get rid of your bb phone battery cover from the back of your BlackBerry smartphone
two. Soon after you have accomplished that you have to remove the battery again, and then reinsert it
soon after a handful of seconds
You have to replace your blackberry phone battery cover make confident

If you want to
Switch off you blackberry code you can use
Alt+aA^+delete button

Or if you want a soft reset
Study under meticulously
1. You have to press and hold the Alt essential (1) on ur bb
Whilst holding down the Alt crucial, press
and hold the Correct Shift key (2)
With both of these buttons still pressed,
press the Backspace/Delete important (3)
When the screen turns off to indicate
that the BlackBerry smartphone is
restarting, you can then release the keys
you have been holding.

If you use soft reset it does not get rid of any information on your blackberry telephone
And it does not effect it with any negative issue

To totally remove data from a BlackBerry

You have to go to settings on ur bb
Then search for safety wipe
After that
Now you will see a list

Select data for wiping

1 Emails speak to, and so forth
2 User installed applications
three Media card

Then you have to chose
User installed applications

And then enter
in the box under it

Now you have to wait till your
Blackberry total delete data
Don't take away your bb battery when
Performing tough reset on your blackberry

That is all thanks for reading

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