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Earning income on web is simple &
simple.You could have heard about people earning
money from PTC,PTC,Guest Blogging,Sponsored
Evaluations,Affiliate Advertising and marketing,On the web
Surveys,Lead Generation & some people earn
cash by publishing ad’s on their
websites.There is a single a lot more alternative of earning
funds on the web ie by using the solutions
of Paid URL Shortener services.
If your website is supplying download Links to
application’s,Songs,themes then utilizing the
services supplied by these Free URL Shortener
solutions will get some additional income from your
internet site.
How It Operates:
Are you hunting for a way to earn additional money
or to monetize your site?
Create urls’ with the below url shortner
solutions & Spot your hyperlinks on Twitter, forums,
personalwebsites and any social networking
internet sites.Now when someone clicks on your link
you will earn cash, if they click your referral
hyperlink you will earn a bonus from that as effectively as
a portion of what your referral earns.
Url Shortener Internet sites To Make Funds
1. AdF.ly - AdF.ly is a cost-free URL shortening
service from which you can earn much more than $
four. for each 1000 guests you bring via
your hyperlinks. There is also referral payout from
which you can earn 20% commission.
Minimum payout threshold is five$ & will be
accomplished through Paypal Or Payza.
2. bc.vc - Cost-free contemporary URL shortener service
that pays you much more than $ 4 for each 1000
guests you bring through your links.
By Referring users you will get 20%
commission of their earnings.Payments from
bc.vc – are made via PayPal on initial
Monday of each and every Month.The minimum quantity
available for a withdrawal is USD$ five.00 .
3. ity.im - Free url shortening service web site
from which you can earn $ 4 for each 1000
visitors you bring. You can refer other men and women
and earn 5% of their earnings. Ity.im currently
pays by PayPal, after you reach a minimum
account balance of $ 3.00 you can request
four. GD.IS – Totally free url shortener service, It pays
portion of the commission they obtain when
an individual who comes from your link buys a
solution.It’s much more like affiliate commission.
five. bee4.biz – link shortener service that pays
every time somebody completes a survey to
unlock your hyperlink as effectively as ten% of what ever
your referrers make.Minimum payout
threshold is $ ten & payment is carried out via
Moneybookers, PayPal and Amazon vouchers.
six. iLix.in – brief your hyperlink with ilix & you can
earn $ .50 to $ 5.00USD for each 1000Hits/
Views.Presently, Users have 5 possibilities for
payment – LibertyReserve, LiqPay, WMZ, Payza
and Paypal.Minimum payout is done when you
attain $ 15.00
7. URLCash.net – URL forwarding & shortening
service from which you can earn up to 90% of
URLCash’s revenue on your Hyperlinks. You can also
earn 35% of what your referrals earns! & You
will also get 13% of what your referrals
referrals make and so on.
8. linkbucks.com – the url shortening service
that pays you, Every single time one particular of your links is
clicked — you earn income.For every single particular person
that joins by way of 1 of these hyperlinks, Linkbucks
will spend you ten% of their earnings for life. In
addition to that, you’ll also get five% of the
earnings from the members that your referrals
send in! Lastly, you’ll also earn 1% of the
earnings from every single member that these folks
send in as properly.The minimum quantity to
withdrawal is $ 5.00.
9. adfa.st – A Free of charge url shorten service exactly where
You can earn points by sharing Your shorten
url. The points can be exchanged to funds or
can be employed for promoting Your own websites.
10. 4ks.net – free url shortening service, from
which you can Earn more than $ 2.00/1000
visitors to your links. ten% of refferal
commission!.$ 20.00 minimum payout is completed
through PayPal.

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