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Owning Your Own Website

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Owning Your Own Website
Properly here we are almost a decade into the
new millennium and you nevertheless do not have
your personal website! Do not fret. I am right here to
We can make it via this!
Yes, there is a myriad of possibilities, terms and
dangers involved in setting up your own
web site but there are really only 3
concepts you need to have to understand:
What is a Domain Name?
What is Hosting?
What is Content material?
What is in a name?
A domain in the "real" world is merely land
or territory that is controlled by an entity.
On the web, a domain is "virtual" space or
territory that somebody (a organization,
organization or you) controls.
To make your domain recognizable from all
the rest you need to give it a distinctive domain
Think it or not, when the web was in
its younger days, numbers have been utilized instead
of simple to don't forget names. Why? Effectively the
numbers or
IP addresses, as they are referred to as, have been primarily
for computer systems to study and preserve track of not
for humans.
Later, as the net became a lot more user-friendly
we began associating names with the IP
One issue faced early on with this
practice is that there are unlimited names
but not unlimited numbers. Properly,
mathematically, numbers are infinite but
"The powers that be" only set aside a certain
quantity of addresses in the beginning,
considering they would in no way even want a
fraction of this quantity. Ha!
To resolve this concern, IP addresses are
repeated or reused in separate sections of
the internet. No one particular section can assign the
same IP address. There are special
organizations that preserve track of which name
belongs to which IP address. These
organizations are known as registrars. They are
the ones who also sell you the domain
Where's Waldo..uh..compuwise?
My name is Compuwise and I live at 335
Winchester (not actually).
A name and an address are quite a lot all
you want in today's globe to locate me and
spend me a go to. But what if I move and I
don't give you my new address? Easy! You
check the phone book for my name and
match it to my new address. Sure there are
millions of names in ALL the telephone books all
over the globe but you start looking in
the last location I lived and preserve on till you
uncover the right Compuwise.
Ah, but what if you do not know my name?
You only knew me as 'that guy at 335
something'. Effectively that is a tiny more
challenging. There are probably numerous a lot more
335's than there are Compuwise's. You will
almost certainly never ever locate me again!!
But considering that it in no way changes, as lengthy as you
know my name you can discover me. Likewise, in
the web world, if you have a domain
name, individuals ought to usually be capable to locate
you on the internet.
Is it your job to notify every person in the
entire planet when you move to a new IP
address? No. You simply notify your Host or
Registrar and they will
make the adjustments on their DNS (Domain
Name Method) servers which are massively
strong, quantity crunching computers that
maintain track of
which name goes to which IP address. There
is a fee involved for the DNS service.
Usually this charge is included in the payment
for hosting. Sometimes, even though, it may be
more affordable to go with a single company for name
registration, another for hosting and
one more for DNS.
But that is beyond the fundamentals. :)
Whois using your name?
On the web sites of nearly each Registrar /
Host, there is a hyperlink or button taking you to
a effectively established service called "whois". If
you have a domain name in mind it is not
enough to just try to go to that internet site with
your net browser. The website could just
happen to be down for
upkeep or some other explanation. You
need to do a Whois lookup. In essence this
is a search of all the main registrars and
DNS servers to
see if a domain name is offered for
The .com extension originally stood for
Business, .net stood for little
networks, .org stood for non-profit
organizations but now these 3 are
open to anybody. You still have to be a
government entity to use .gov and a college
to use .edu. These extensions I just
mentioned are the most
common domain extensions but there are
several quickly increasing in recognition like .us for
United States.
Ok, now you have a name but what about
the address? No, sorry, the address does
not often automatically come with a house.
You and your
name have been kicked out into the planet
wild net. Not genuinely. Unless you just have a
preference to split up your hosting, DNS,
domain name
obtain, etc. like described previously
then you would just buy a hosting
package from your Registrar.
What comes with hosting apart from a space to
call your own? What variety of space am I
talking about? Very actually you are renting
difficult drive
space on a laptop that your Registrar/
Host set aside particularly for this purpose.
There are possibly thousands of other
folks just like you
with there personal tiny space set aside on this
exact same server. The host incurs a charge for the
initial acquire of this hardware, overhead,
electricity, and
the salary of the geek that sits there and
makes sure the pc runs correctly.
They pass this expense on to you, normally with a
little mark up to
make a profit. You also have to spend
separately for e mail @yourdomain.com, ftp
service into you domain space, added challenging-
drive space, added
security, the list goes on and these are
topics for future articles.
I will mention that there are two "flavors"
of hosting servers: Linux based and Windows
based. Linux is an operating method as is
The major thing you need to have to know about
these two is that with Linux you are
supposed to get a lot more stability or "uptime"
and with Windows you are
supposed to get a lot more functionality. You pick
which 1 is best for you primarily based on your
sort of net site. For example, if you are
hosting a site
with photos or data that is in "true-
time" you would want a lot more stability. With
the Windows server you get all the characteristics
that come with
Front Page which is a internet publishing
software program designed by none other than
Microsoft. Sorry, there are way as well a lot of
variables to go more than here but
you have the fundamentals to construct upon.
Finally you require Content material
This is the wealth of info,
info and creativity that comes only
from you! Of course there are firms
out there that will construct a
website for you but for it to really be your personal
you have to have the final say so in design and style.
There are also web site that sell or even give
freely, net
site templates to get you began or take you
all the way by way of the style method. Maintain
in thoughts that the same templates are
available to
millions of other individuals just like you. So
rather of waiting another decade to be
original, take the plunge now and start off
scratch. There are
numerous free of charge resources on the net to give you
suggestions and support you achieve the appear and
feel you need. The choices are infinite but
the center
of the web internet site should ultimately you special
If this assists at all, please come back and
post a hyperlink to your site!!

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