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How to Install a Font on a PC

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Go to the Start Menu when making use of either
Windows XP or Windows Windows
95/98/2000 or NT4. Choose the Manage
Select the "Appearance and Themes"
category in Windows XP. Select "Fonts"
from the "See Also" panel at the left of
this screen. In older versions of
Windows, double click the "Fonts"
Go to the "File" menu and click on
"Install New Fonts."
Browse to locate the drive and folder that
hold your new fonts. If you downloaded
these online, go to the folder where
they have been saved. If the fonts are sitting
on a CD, locate the correct CD drive to
upload the right fonts from that CD.
Double-click the font file you want to
install. Make certain you know the name of
the font. The actual font file will typically
be the exact name of the font, or
abbreviated versions. Pick all versions
of the font to make certain you get the
italic, bold, condensed and other forms
of the font so you can fully use them.
Hold down the CTRL important to pick and
set up a number of fonts at one time. Right after
using the CTRL key to highlight the fonts
you want to install, click "OK."
Ideas & Warnings
Make confident you are installing Pc fonts onto a
Computer folder. If you try to set up Mac fonts
onto a Pc, the laptop will not recognize
them, and vice versa. Font files are
especially formatted for Mac or Computer.

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